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Hi there! I'm Tami Oladipo and I ghostwrite educational email courses for creators and the founders building monetization solutions for them.


What makes me the best person to ghostwrite your email course?Experience. I write for Creators at Buffer and I've also built courses like this for myself, with the most popular being my 5-day email course, Capture Creator Coin.I'm tuned in to what creators need, and I would take that expertise and apply it to your course.What would I get from your email course writing service?
A sequence of 5-7 emails that build on each other, with each email providing value and leading to a specific call-to-action (CTA).
An engaged audience that is trained to open your emails."But I don't have any expertise to share"
You do! Your audience comes to you for something and if you're not quite sure what that is, I can help you figure it out.


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